Home Remodeling, Cabinets And Roofing Guide By Jennie | The Benefits Of Kitchen Cabinet Refacing
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The Benefits Of Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

A kitchen renovation can enhance the beauty of your home and give it a fresh ambiance. While there are a variety of remodeling ideas to update your kitchen with, cabinet refacing Dallas can do magic. This option seeks to give your kitchen cabinets a fresh look while accommodating your budget. Below are benefits to kitchen cabinet refacing:

Reduces wastage

Renovating your kitchen doesn’t mean replacing the cabinets with new ones. In fact, you won’t have to remove them if they are in good condition. All you need is to reface them and there you have a kitchen with a fresh look than before.

Unique designs and styles

There is a wide range of colors and veneering options to use when it comes to cabinet refacing Dallas. Examples include the birch and hickory veneers. Refacing also gives you a chance to use fitting covers and doors when changing the wood appearance. In addition, you can add glass cover, trim or even molding.


Most cabinets are made of toxic materials that pollute the environment. Refacing allows you to recycle the parts of the cabinet for instance hinges, doors and more.


Cabinet refacing Dallas saves you more than half of the total costs you would have spent on buying new cabinets. This option can save you a great deal of money Whether in your kitchen or bathroom. All you need is to give your old cabinets a face-lift and there you have fresh looking cabinets.

Saves time

Replacing your cabinets will require a lot of time to ensure they are properly installed. Also, they will require enough time to bond well. This means your kitchen will remain unused for a number of days. On the other hand, cabinet refacing Dallas will require only less than a day to get the job done.

Jennie Fernandez