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Home Renovation

The terms renovation and remodeling have often been used interchangeably. This is perhaps due to the assumption that both these terms refer to the improvement to an existing building or structure. But do they really mean the same thing? Read on to find out. Differences Between Remodeling and Renovation? Renovation refers to the process by which a home, building or other structure is restored to its former good repair state. This means that for you to source the services of a home remodeling in chicagoland, your home must have gone through periods of dilapidation characterized by poor or non-existent maintenance. Therefore, these contractors do not come to make any significant changes to your building. Rather, their job is only to restore it to its former glory, usually so that it can be habitable. During renovation, you are likely to come across terms such as "repair’’ or "restoration’’. It is also important to remember that renovation could be done on a section of a building or the entire building. Examples of renovation projects include: Repairing of holes in the walls. Fixing of leaking roof. Mold remediation. Repairing of sagging gutter. Replacement of old furniture, carpets and mats. On the other hand, remodeling refers to the process that involves the changing of the form or structure of a home or building. As opposed to renovation where the main aim is to restore a building or sections of it to its former state of repair, remodeling involves the changing of appearance. Usually, remodeling services are sought when you wish to add more aesthetic appeal to your home or a section of your house. You have probably heard of bathroom or kitchen remodeling. Remodeling is also differentiated from renovation based on its transformative nature. Another example of remodeling is repurposing. For instance, when you decide to change the design and use of your office into, say a restaurant, that very act of repurposing can easily be termed remodeling. Common terms associated with remodeling include "changing’’ or "transforming’’. Examples of remodeling projects include: Adding additional walls. Introducing hot showers. Adding more electrical and plumbing fixtures. More Differences between Renovation and Remodeling Cost – The cost of remodeling or renovation depends upon so many factors. Some of these include the scope of work expected and the location of your home. However, if all other factors remain constant, remodeling is seen to be a little pricier. This is because the job does not just involve making a home habitable, it involves adding aesthetic appeal to it. As you probably already know, aesthetic features are extra comforts you really do not need. Their value is more sentimental than practical, which is why remodeling jobs end up costing much. Compatibility – Though renovation is a little cheaper, it does not come without challenges. The most common one is compatibility, or the lack of it. As renovation mainly involves the replacement of parts, you may come across challenges of incompatibility. For instance, while replacing pipes, your plumber could face issues with variance in the pipe gauges. Unlike remodeling, home renovation does not allow you much room to customize your home, as the basic structure has to be maintained. Time – Renovations take much shorter periods as compared to remodeling. This also means that remodeling requires a wider scope of work for the simple reason that the outcome has to match the homeowner’s individual tastes and preferences. Conclusion And there goes our guide on the difference between remodeling and renovation....